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A Green Dragon appears!
Dyslexic Admi nGiantbob2011-05-29 08:46:21
Fellow dragon slayers, I call upon thee! I am afraid I may have to inform you, that at this time, the green dragon may force itself upon you. You might want to file a report saying you've been sexually abused, but I'm afraid the dragon police doesn't care too much. If the green dragon forces itself upon you, you pick up your trusted weapon, let it be Two Kamui or something similar, and you beat it to death with it! This will, I'm afraid, net you a:
Cool eh? This will, of course, will be just like a normal kill and thus, whatever happens normally, will also happen here. Be adviced, that this is a special event like any other; meaning that it may happen. So do not be afraid to venture into the forests, young ones!

Also, as always:
When your main character reaches 5 DKs you get the option to choose colors in your LoGD name. Please send a petition with your desired colors. (Cedrik will tell you about colors)
At 50 DKs you get the opportunity to choose your own custom title. Just send it, including colors, in a petition! Thanks!

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